• Inspect the property
  • Fill out the application form. It is important that you fill out all the information on the application form and provide the listed supporting documents.
    Click here to download a copy of the rental application form
  • We will contact you to let you know if your application was successful.
  • Rental bond

You will need to pay a rental bond (4 weeks rent). This bond will be held by the Rental Bond Board until the end of your tenancy. Your bond can be lodged through Rental Bonds Online. Alternatively, you can pay the bond and sign a paper form when you sign the lease.

  • Signing the lease

Your property manager will show you the lease document you need to sign. It is important to check all the details carefully before you sign. This is your opportunity to ask questions if you are uncertain about anything so that we can assist you through this process. You will be given a copy of your lease. We will also provide you with a copy of Fair Trading’s “New Tenant Checklist”. Keep these documents in a safe place.

  • Condition report

Your property manager will also provide you with two copies of the condition report. This is a record of the condition of the property before you move in. You need to return one of these copies to our office within 7 days. It is very important that you fill out the condition report carefully.

Your rental should be paid in advance at all times.

All rental payments should be made to:
Account Name: W.T. Newey & Company Pty Ltd Rental Trust AC
BSB: 082-124
Account Number: 76-055-4508

Available Payment Options:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Periodical payments (arranged by you with your financial institution of choice)
  • At our office by cash, cheque or Eftpos (cheque/savings)

Please ensure that valid references are used to identify your payment – eg. surname – property address.

NOTE: Some banks send the payee reference field to our bank (instead of the payer reference field). Please make sure ALL reference fields include information that would identify your rental payment.

If there is any damage to the property or any repairs required it is important that you contact your property manager so that they can arrange to inspect the damage or organise the repair.

  • During business hours – phone our office or email your request
  • Emergency repairs after hours – ONLY electrical and plumbing.

NOTE: Not all electrical and plumbing repairs are urgent. Refer to your lease.

For emergency repairs after hours refer to your lease for the contact details of a nominated tradesperson.

Contact your property manager the next day to provide details

  • Notice period
    There are different notice periods depending on the situation. You will normally need to write to us to provide notice that you are planning to leave the property. Refer to the NSW Fair Trading website for more information
  • Ensure you have moved all items out of the property and left the property in a clean and tidy condition. The property should be in the same condition as when you first rented it (apart from ordinary wear and tear).
  • Return keys and make sure you have paid your rent up to the last day of the tenancy/vacating date
  • Contact your property manager to discuss the final inspection of the property
  • Sign bond claim form
    For more information refer to the NSW Fair Trading website.

If there is a break and enter, domestic abuse or criminal activity in your property immediately report it to the police.

We recommend that all tenants take out contents insurance to cover your belongings in an unforeseen event.